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Arthur Road – Margate

Research commissioned by Studio Sam Causer Architects

Number 12 Arthur Road is a large double fronted three-storey terraced house located in the outskirts of Margate in Cliftonville West – it was built as a two storey house. It dates from the 1890s/early 1900s. The building is similar in style to others in the terace but additional decorative features and its double-fronted form indicate that it was intended to be a higher status property. It is similar to No.28 which is also double fronted and almost identical (No.28 has not been extended with a a second floor and does not have a glazed conservatory). It has been suggested that No.28 was built for the Headmaster of a local school and No.12 was built for one of the teachers.
Since the early 20th century the property was used as a hotel  – The Cecil Hotel. The name comes from an association with the family of the Marquis of Salisbury (family name Cecil). Part of the history of the building is the story that the house was once rented by the distinguished family and the existing conservatory was erected so that an invalid member of the family could enjoy the sun and a sea view. It later became popular with more general holiday makers. During the 1960s and 70s the bedrooms were adapted for use as self-contained holiday flatlets.

Unlike the other hotels in Margate which have been adapted fand subdivided for private use the Cecil Hotel has remained in the ownership  of a single family. It has not undergone much stripping out and modernisation. As such it retains large amount of original and early 20th century wall papers.  This intriguing building requires further research to establish the significance of the surviving wallpapers and decorative finishes.

Arthur Road – No.12 Report Draft V2 PDF


Arch notes 12 Arthur Road_Unlocked




Interior – View of Drawing Room



‘Please make sure the hot water tap is properly turned off after use’ – advice to Margate holidaymakers in the flatlets of the Cecil Hotel.